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Finally! After several weeks in the making, our new website is up
and running, the place we created for you to meet, share, inspire and get inspired.

Have a look around Unfuck The World Now and tell us what you think.

Maybe you even feel like submitting a short video clip or a photo showing what it is that you do to unfuck the world. No positive action is too small. Changing the world starts at home, within ourselves...

So, again, please check out the new site; your feedback is appreciated.

As always, thank you!
New Sticker: Collab with L.A. Artist 455er

    UNFUCK THE WORLD and L.A. artist 455er collaborated on a new sticker. Can you spot it in this picture? Haha!

    Available soon on our website!

    Also coming up: sticker packs at reduced prices. 

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    New Sticker And Buttons Now Available
    The long wait is over. They're finally here.

    The new members of the Unfuck family: five buttons and little brother sticker.

    We hope you love them us much as we do.


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    Our Hero - Chloe from Minnesota
    We told you about her before: 13 year old Chloe from Minnesota who suffers from Trichotillomania, a neurological desease that forces her to pull out her hair, causing Chloe to be bald.

    You can watch one of her videos about this here:

    Like anybody not fitting the norm, Chloe has been experiencing cruelty from people all her life, ranging from being stared at when out shopping with her mom to being bullied at school. But this girl is not one to hide away. Chloe is a fighter who stands up and speaks out, not just for herself but for others,
    and so she recently became the spokes person of the Dream Catcher Club, a group founded by the five 13 year old members of the Northern Californian rock band Haunted By Heroes. Yes. They're all 13 year olds. Take that, grown ups!

    Chloe is also an active member of the Facebook group A Bald And Beautiful Barbie, , a group whose goal it is to get Mattell to manufacture a bald Barbie in support of kids who suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments, Trichotillomania or Alopecia. And the amazing thing happened: not only Mattell but also MGA, maker of the Bratz dolls, have come on board with them and are each going to produce a line of bald dolls. Which proves again, if you have a valid goal and you set your mind to it, you can move mountains!

    Chloe has one of our Everyone Bleeds Red shirts, and we feel very honored that she used the line in this poem that she wrote. As long as there are kids like Chloe, there's hope for this planet!

    Occupy Walk USA invites you to Joshua Tree
    Occupy Walk USA -- in alphabetical order, that's Adam, Bill, Britten, D.J., Eugene, Jason, Mike and Rich ... eight guys, one goal: to cross the USA on foot, reaching out to everyday Americans to spread the word on democracy, peace and the occupy movement.

    This weekend is not about walking though, it's about celebrating and showing appreciation of life, nature and friendship.

    Where? In beautiful Joshua Tree, California.

    When? Friday, March 9, 2:00pm through Monday, March 12 , 8:00 am.

    Please go to the Walkers Facebook Event Page to find more information and to get in touch with them or with the people who are going to go to Joshua Tree.
    Occupy Walk USA - Walking across the USA from San Diego to New York

    Seven people, six men and one woman between the ages 18 to 64, have set off to cross the USA on foot to raise awareness of Occupy Wall Street’s mission and to reach out in solidarity to everyday Americans.

    Change The World T-Shirts went down to Leucadia to meet with them on Monday and to help them set up their live stream. You can watch it here: or visit their website to check out their route:

    This is a huge undertaking; they are going to walk 3,000 miles and will need all the support they can get, morally and financially.

    If you want to donate, you can do that here or simply support them by liking their Facebook page

    Thank you!

    The Beautiful And Bald Doll
    The idea behind The Bald And Beautiful Barbie initiative was to have a bald doll made to help young girls who suffer from hair loss due to cancer treatments or rare skin deseases like Alopecia or Trichotillomania, or who
    have trouble coping with their mom's hair loss from chemo.

    And they had great news today: MGA, not the makers of the barbie doll but the manufacturers of the Bratz and the Moxie dolls, have contacted them to let saying that they will step up to the plate and start producing a bald doll. This is absolutely fantastic!

    For more information, please go to the group's Facebook page at

    By the way, the girl in the photos above is Chloe, one of the coolest girls I've ever met, who has been a spokes person for this cause from the early days. You can check her out on YouTube at

    Words Can Hurt. Choose Them Wisely.

    I believe that the reason for most fights and broken relationships is a lack of communication, and not choosing one's words wisely ......
    Great Ways To Make Money Off Old Phones & Computers
    Are you planning on taking advantage of holiday deals and picking up a new smartphone this month? Both Sprint and Verizon offer trade-in programs to help you get credit for your old cell phone or – if your device isn’t in working condition – they’ll recycle it for a good cause.

    Sprint’s buy-back program accepts unwanted cell phones and aircards from any wireless carrier or manufacturer at Sprint stores or through the mail. Depending on the model and condition of the phone, you may be eligible for an instant credit of $50-$275 that you can use to purchase a new phone at a Sprint store or to add to your existing wireless account. Sprint guarantees a $50 credit for even the oldest iPhone models.

    READ: Apple Buys Back E-Waste for Gift Cards at

    If your phone can’t be repaired and resold, its parts will be used to fix other broken devices or it will be broken down and recycled into new products. All proceeds from the sale of these nonworking cell phones fund Internet safety programs for children through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, National Education Association Health Information Network and Family Online Safety Institute.

    Sprint says its buy-back program has kept more than 26 million cell phones out of the landfill so far.

    Verizon also collects used phones and tablets, regardless of carrier and manufacturer, through its online trade-in program. After appraising your device’s value online and mailing back the device, you’ll receive a Verizon gift card to spend on new phones and accessories or to pay your Verizon wireless bill.

    You can also donate your old phone to Verizon’s HopeLine program, which provides used working cell phones to victims and survivors of domestic violence as they rebuild their lives.

    All nonworking phones collected by Verizon that cannot be repaired are recycled, and the company provides grants to domestic violence prevention organizations.

    Since launching its trade-in-program in September 2010, Verizon has recycled and reused half a million cell phones and tablets and diverted 70 tons of electronic waste from landfills, the company says.

    Canadians rule!

    Some of our loyal fans in Canada went all overboard and created this! Canadians rule!
    We Lowered Our Prices!
    Good news, little children. Just in time for some last minute Christmas shopping, we lowered our prices for shipping & handling. Happy Holidays!
    XXL back in da house
    You asked for it, you got it. Due to popular demand, men's Unfuck The World t-shirts size xxl are now back in stock!
    A new wind is blowing
    Howdie World Changers and Unfuckers,

    It's been a while since I've updated this blog.The reason is I was busy updating Unfuck The World's Facebook page. Lots of stuff happening in the world. Good stuff. And you don't even have to look that hard. It's boiling beneath the surface, people everywhere are ready for change. Get up, get out and do something.

    Trash Amps - Making Amps From Trash

    We recently got to know Adam, the creator of Trash Amps, a company and growing community dedicated to playing music and creating new uses for old things.

    The guys at Trash Amps turn everyday objects (soda cans, coffee cups & more) into great sounding, portable speakers for MP3 players and musical instruments, a rad way to combine music and the love for the environment!

    Surfboards made from materials found in the trash washed up on the beaches
    Surfer Kevin Cunningham was distressed by the trash washing up on the beaches where he rides, and he decided to not just do something about the debris, he decided to do something with it. He founded Spirare Surfboards, manufacturing environmentally safe surfboards.

    "Surfers traditionally respect the ocean and environment and actively work to protect it, yet we ride surfboards that are made from highly toxic materials that are a hazard to both the people who make them and the environment."

    "Much of my work evokes the quiet and hermetic experience of surfing. Each wave is an individual experience; it is in the time waiting between waves that surfing has a social culture. The space of a wave is very intimate; the continuous transition of the surface as ground, wall, ceiling, ending with the eventual complete enclosure with only an opening to daylight. As I create each project I focus on the work as a cohesive whole, not just an individual piece but a series of work. I focus on craftsmanship and quality; materials are important; poetic meaning informs work."
    Get a discount on a Solar System when mentioning our name
    Great news: I got a fantastic offer for home and business owners in California who are looking into building or retrofitting a house with a Solar Power system.

    Jim Jenal, owner of Pasadena based company Run On Sun has given me the go ahead to offer you a considerable discount if you mention Change The World T-Shirts when signing a contract with them.

    Run On Sun is a NABPEC certified installer; check their website, they have tons of helpful information on there. And if you prefer to talk to a human being about how Solar Power works
    and how it can help you save money, call Jim Jenal of Run On Sun at (626)793 6025.
    Good news! We Can Meet All Our Energy Needs from Solar in 20 Years

    Good news! I just read an article on the predictions by Ray Kurzweil a known futurist who laid out the law of accelerating returns, which states that technology improves at exponential rates. He made a string of dead-on predictions about computing in the 80s -- that a computer would beat a man at chess by 1998, and that the world would link networks into some crazy globally connected system sometime in the mid-90s.

    Now, Kurzweil is talking solar. In the following interview with Grist, he explains why he's not worried about climate change, and how renewable energy sources will become dominant much, much sooner than we think.

    "One of my primary theses is that information technologies grow exponentially in capability and power and bandwidth and so on. If you buy an iPhone today, it's twice as good as two years ago for half the cost. That is happening with solar energy -- it is doubling every two years. And it didn't start two years ago, it started 20 years ago. Every two years, we have twice as much solar energy in the world. Today, solar is still more expensive than fossil fuels, and in most situations it still needs subsidies or special circumstances, but the costs are coming down rapidly ... we are only a few years away from parity.

    So right now it's at half a percent of the world's energy. People tend to dismiss technologies when they are half a percent of the solution. But doubling every two years means it's only eight more doublings before it meets a 100 percent of the world's energy needs. So that's 16 years. We will increase our use of electricity during that period, so add another couple of doublings: In 20 years we'll be meeting all of our energy needs with solar, based on this trend which has already been underway for 20 years."

    How to become more indepedent from oil
    How about electric cars. Too unsexy? Maybe not. Porsche is working on the first fully electric sports car, the Boxster E.

    With its 240 horsepower, 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and a battery pack providing about 100 miles per charge, this prototype is bound to create a considerable buzz.

    Personally, I am not much into sports cars but I am interested in how biodiesel works. That's why I am planning to rent a biodiesel car from Bio-Beetle, a Maui-based company with branches in Los Angeles. The world’s only all-biodiesel car rental company! You can check them out at
    Change The World T-Shirts official sponsor of Peace Angel Project

    Change The World T-Shirts is proud to announce that we are the official sponsor of the Peace Angel Project, brain child of UK artist Gary Smith, a.k.a. Brickz and Stones.

    A few months ago, Brickz and Stones painted a little Peace Angel in the shape of a Lego figurine (, the artist's brand mark style that has gained him recognition not only in his hometown of Manchester, but all throughout the UK, and a thought began to form in his head and take shape, the thought of how cool it would be to spread a little love by sending the Peace Angel on a journey around the world.

    The idea became a plan, the plan became reality and a week ago, the Angel began its adventurous trip, leaving Manchester for its first stop, London.

    People in countless countries around the globe have contacted Brickz and Stones, volunteering to become part of the project, and are now eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Peace Angel.

    Once they received it, they will take its picture in front of a famous landmark or recognizable landscape.

    All they need to do then is download the photos to the Peace Angel Project's blog, and then send the Angel off to its next destination.

    You too can still become part of it. If you are interested in becoming a supporter, just shoot us an email via our Change The World T-Shirts contact form, and we will put you in touch with Brickz and Stones.

    Please check out the Peace Angel Project's blog at for more info.
    Recycling in Germany
    According to Earth911, "Germany leads the European nations in recycling, with around 70 percent of the waste the country generates successfully recovered and reused each year. To put that figure into perspective, consider this: In 2007, the U.S. was able to recover only about 33 percent of the waste generated that year."

    Take into consideration that there are many more people in the US producing trash than there are in Germany, that's A LOT of unrecycled trash year after year ...

    To find out more about how they manage to reach those percentages in Germany, go here:
    Recycling bottles & cans - helping the environment and making money doing it.
    We finally got around to adding a blog to the Change The World T-Shirts site. Here we want to focus on the GOOD stuff. Like recycling bottles & cans - you can kill two flies with one swatter, as they say in Germany - and do something good for the environment while at the same time making extra cash. Find the nearest recycling center; in California they pay 5 to 10 cents per container. If you live in an apartment building, asks your neighbors to participate. And if you don't know what to do with all that money, donate it for a good cause. For more info, go to